Gynecology Surgery in Near Atlanta, GA

Dekalb Women's Specialists provides the following surgical options for gynecologic conditions. Our practice has office locations in Decatur, Lithonia and Stone Mountain, GA. 

General Gynecological Procedures

During the course of a woman's life she may experience abnormal bleeding or pain that requires diagnosis and treatment. Often these conditions can be treated with medical therapies however surgery may be required.  Our physicians at Dekalb Women's Specialists will thoroughly evaluate you and determine a treatment plan that best meets your needs and complies with the highest standard of medical care.

Minimally Invasive 

Due to modern advances of surgical technique many major gynecological surgeries can now be performed utilizing smaller incisions with the aid of small cameras. If you are an appropriate patient for these types of surgeries you will often experience less pain and blood loss and your recovery is often quicker with a shorter hospital stay and a shorter recovery at home. Hysterectomies, removal of fibroids and cysts, treatments for heavy bleeding and permanent birth control can all be performed in this way.

da Vinci Surgery

Robotic surgery is the next frontier in minimally invasive surgery.  Patients that were previously not candidates for a traditional laparoscopic approach to surgery because of the complexity of their anatomy (an extremely large uterus for example) can now have surgery without a large abdominal scar and extended hospital stay and recovery. Dekalb Women's Specialist remains on the cutting edge to give our patients the most advanced surgical care available.